11 Proven ways to get clients for your business

11 Proven ways to get clients for your business

Starting a business is a big decision for everyone. Though it does seem terrifying at first, the truth is like all things in life, it is something one learns by doing, making some steps across the way and learning from them. The market is the biggest university to try to learn from the market by providing solutions and learn.

11 Proven ways to get clients
Proven ways to get clients

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” –John Wooden

In business, you need to take decisions by yourself. After student life or corporate carrier suddenly, you decide it’s time you took matters into your own hands and go into a business for yourself. In short, you want to become an entrepreneur. You want to love what you do and you want to rake in the big money after a lot of hard work and efforts have paid off.

  1. 1.Start small & start from family & friends: An important, and seemingly the most obvious, way of landing your first client is to just tell your family and friends about your up-and-coming business. Family and friends can expand the scope of your business by sharing your launch with their contacts. These contacts can then call their contacts. A chain of personal messages will start to create a buzz about your business.
  2. 2.Join online professional groups: Joining and becoming active in Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. are not only a great way to market yourself and your business, but it can also land clients. It is easy to simply search for your desired keyword-or, what your business offers- in Facebook’s search function, and groups matching this phrase will populate. I have met many professionals who solely get clients from social media.
  3. 3.Offer freebies and Build a portfolio: Build a portfolio, recommendations, and reviews, by giving away your product or service for free until you create a buzz. Providing a free version with the request to get feedback is the best way to product improvement.
  4. 4.Running contest/campaigns: To get initial clients, you can run a contest related to your niche.During contest you can showcase your expertise.
  5. 5.Be very active in social media: Being active on social media, including posting regular photos, status updates, and commenting back to customer remarks and inquiries timely, is a must in the world we live in today. Setting up social media profiles on the most used platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, etc. will provide a spot where you can promote your products, inform of prices and sales going on, and reply to any inquiries or concerns that people may have. 
  6. 6.Ask for referrals: Asking for referrals is an important way to ensure that people know about you and your business. Referrals work because people are about three times more likely to buy a product or service when they are referred to it by someone they know. The important thing is to try to get your name out.
  7. 7.Build your website: The website is also a great place to promote specials, promotions, or bundle deals for your product or service-when people see a nice deal for them laid out, they are more enticed to go through with buying. Your business website should be well-designed, easy to navigate, and up to date. The website must include your company’s values, as well as what exactly it is you offer-and why the customer should pick you, Images and videos should be HD.
  8. 8.Contact your professional network: Entrepreneurs should have great interpersonal skills and nothing says that as much as having the confidence and trust of your professional network. Since they are a part of the professional world, these referrals have a higher success rate generally. The credibility and reputation of your co-workers can help you gain clients because you already have people vouching for you.
  9. 9.Learn public speaking and participate in forums: Public speaking builds trust among the audience. Participate in professional discussions, forums to showcase your works.
  10. 10.Paid publicity: Paid publicity is very helpful to create buzz around your target audience. Most of the time initially paid publicity brings the clients which turnaround the whole business.
  11. 11.Leverage your personal brand: Leveraging your brand helps a lot to get initial clients. I have seen people got their colleagues or friend as clients in beginning through leveraging their personal brand.Personal brand can be build through social media,public speaking,writing papers,books etc.

To build a lean start-up, in beginning, you should work on all front by yourself and as per workload & functions build a loyal team.

As bonus to readers,

Below are the most common ways to keep the business coming for freelances

  • Continuation of existing business: Most of the consulting business comes from the existing clients, when they want to extend the current scope for a few more months or years. The relationship and trust has been established already, and the client values the impact delivered.
  • Response to RFPs: Many public firms or government organizations release Requests for Proposals (RFPs), with a specific scope in mind, inviting consultants to bid for the project. Based on the selection criteria, the appropriate firm is selected.
  • Proactive chase: Sometimes, consulting firms by themselves approach prospective clients with solutions to the problems they are either facing or might face in the near future. This can take months or years to materialize.
  • Outreach from client: In a few rare instances, prospective clients directly approach consulting firms with a potential problem, requesting for their help.
  • Social media : Regular updating your works, testimonials, expertise, skills, team etc in social media will help to get new businesses

Starting a business is not a cakewalk but not impossible. But with the right focus and the right interpersonal skills, bagging your first clients quickly is very possible. When you have established yourself in the market then you need to look forward to building a pipeline of customers and clients ready to give you their business. In that stage, you can expand your business. Start small and build big should be the aim of every entrepreneur.

Last but not least remember the quote by Chris Grosser “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

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