Digital Branding Strategies for Business Growth

Digital Branding Strategies for Business Growth

Digital Branding
Digital Branding : Global Context

Business and growth are two sides of a coin. Businesses that compromise on growth will suffer on their survival. Studies suggest that the future is for more competitive and prepared businesses. Many growth strategies can help businesses to get more customers and profit by making them more future oriented.

To achieve growths businesses are successfully doing

  1. New products-Always add new products to your portfolio. Keep your customer engages with your offerings, If you are selling garments add sportswear, kid’s wear, etc. to attract more customers.
  2. New geographical areas -If you are present in one location, try to make a presence in another location where you will find new customers.
  3. New distribution networks –Distribution is key to get customers. Identify your strength and build your distribution network. If you are selling offline, try to sell online, or if you are selling online try your hands in offline.
  4. Strategic tie ups-associate with bigger but similar to your product line brand to add more customers.

         5.Innovate -many businesses proved that innovation is key to growth. Innovations  open the door for      profitability.

  1. Build a backward chain to absorb the variation and become more competitive.
  2. Build your business leadership- Try to establish business leadership in one particular category, in today’s world customer wants to interact with the market leader to save time and energy.

Strategies to build business leadership

In today’s world purchase pattern of customers has been completely changed. Studies suggest that the internet has become one of the major sources of information. Before making any purchase decisions, the majority of customers explore the internet and collect the information, read the reviews, etc. Companies that are investing to build their digital personalities are attracting more customers.

Building a website or having social media accounts is not enough. There is need to go for digital branding. Digital branding is a brand management technique that uses a combination of internet branding and digital marketing,

“Brand is a voice and products are souvenir.” Lisa Gansky,(Entrepreneur & author )

Here are three steps to building a successful brand

  • Define how you want to be perceived among customers?
  • Organize your business based on the promise like value for money, best possible solution etc.
  • Communicate your promise through various channels consistently

To establish as a business leader, businesses need to follow the strategic plan, which helps the businesses to establish a leader in the internet space where customers are searching best possible products. I am sharing highly successful strategies to build your digital brand

– Exchange ideas and share valuable information regular

 – Help customers to zero down on the best option

 – Offer solutions to customer’s problems

 – Build network and relationships with customers

 – Distribute free things for feedback and suggestions

-Design logo, website and SEO align with your business

-Use social media channels to reach your customer

The above strategies will help you to project your business as a trusted brand among your target customers and your sales will touch the sky.

Benefits of digital branding

Digital branding is value for money proposition if it done strategically. Digital Branding will help your brand in 

  • Customer Engagement – people finding your product.
  • Customer Activation – people registering and buying the product.
  • Customer Retention-people returning and buying something again
  • Customer Acquisition-bringing people to your busienss

A good digital branding strategy has power to  safeguard your brand from

  • Advertising risk
  • Wasteful marketing strategies
  • Poor branding
  • Questionable affiliations
  • Poor brand value
  • Poor perception

To know more on business growth strategies you can read my book “A to Z of Business Growth”  or you can write to me for your busienss growth issues at .

I will be happy to share the possible solutions.

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