Lead generation strategy

Lead generation strategy 

Popular saying  “Seeing is believing” is highly effective in marketing when almost every brand is claiming to be best.Customers tend to believe visible results not on tall claims.

Life is all about believing, everyone responds according to their believe system. A child catch the fly by believing that it is attractive and later he realize the harm of catching the fly then child respond accordingly. Similarly we all act according to our belief system.  

Similarly in business world people believe what they see. Ten year ago businesses who were believing that future will be through digital technology, were invested heavily on digital technologies. Now they are reaping the benefits of their thoughts.

In marketing, we normally face challenge to generate the lead. Lead is attention or interest of audience for our product or service. How we grab the attention and how we nurture the attention into belief that this product/service can solve my problem is sales.

Approaching to audience with a message which can address the audience belief is effective marketing communication.

Effective communication

People believe is facts, data, testimonials and visible results so we need to approach the audience with fact-sheet and data which is relevant to that particular industry and client.

For example  

  1. 1. If I am approaching to a real estate business I will highlight the ROI, automation, new inquiries generated, new booking etc.
  2. 2. If I am approaching to restaurant, I will highlight the increase in foot fall, increase in average customer spend etc.

Six step communication strategy positively affect the belief system of audience and convert them into the leads.

  1. 1. Address the core issue of audience?
  2. 2. What problem clients are facing?
  3. 3. How your solution is going to help?
  4. 4. What time frame need for solving the core issue?
  5. 5. What cost?
  6. 6. How they will sustain the change?
Six steps Lead cycle
Six step Lead communication Loop

While designing this six step lead generation  communication, share the testimonials with visible impacts to improve the engagement rate.

Converting lead into customer is real success of marketing communication.That starts from attention and ends at making transaction.Transaction brings the profit and profit is visible impact of whole marketing exercise.

Lead Conversion Pyramid
Lead Conversion Pyramid

Recently I started a digital marketing hands on free course for small businesses with following the six steps approach and I realized that  data and testimonials with core issue communication improve the success rate exponentially.

Response to six step communication is very encouraging.

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